With the riding season kicking in and motorcycle fests sprouting out of every nook and corner of the country like mushrooms during the monsoons, India Bike Week has stood its test of time from being an American Cruiser biased motorcycle festival to an all accommodating high revving, dehydrating, dusty dispenser of unadulterated Carbon Monoxide.

In its 5th edition look forward to listening to The Leslie Porterfield. I remember watching her struggle to hit the 200mph mark on a Discovery Channel series whose name I can’t seem to remember back in 2009. She did it though. Leslie has the land speed record on two wheels in the bag with a whopping 232.52mph on the dials as she crossed the final marker.

I’d have loved to hear from her about what it takes to be someone who can walk the walk in a world full of Selfies with Motorcycles.

Speaking of the speed week at the Bonneville Salt Flat, Triumph Motorcycles India is all set to reveal the Bonnie Speedmaster 2017-18 at IBW this year. If one has followed the legacy of the Bonneville Camp of Triumph Motorcycles you’d know the ground the Speedmaster held from its first outing in 2002 until 2008, and Triumph Motorcycles is rolling one out again as a new and improved version of its Touring Cruiser.

With the brand plugs out of the way I’d like to mention The Mega Motovlogger Meet IBW is hosting this year. With the likes of OggyF and Ride with Raj there, it’s going to be an absolute blast. A few others could have been chosen with a little more taste though. But nevertheless, The MotoVlogging Scene needs the kind of validation IBW can provide and it’s very well doing so.

Moving on to something absolutely close to my heart, is the screening of the Trans-Siberian Odyssey with the Dominars. I met Deepak Kamath last week in Bangalore and managed to get a sneak peak of his experience on the road from Tashkent, Uzbekistan to Magadan, Russia. The trip is an honest attempt at showing all of us “content producers” how it’s done. I believe those 20 odd minutes have the potential to absolutely change the “sexy media” approach of the agencies and brand in this country.

What I am not going to miss is the Free Flow exhaust wankers at the Dyno and Loudest Low-IQ competitions. That also is a thing I am made to believe, so be it.

People to catch at India Bike Week – Vir Nakai and Harsh Man Rai from Helmet Stories. They may have the followers one would envy, but they have more miles on their ODO’s than their followers and one will definitely love the stories they have to share. A little bird just told me they’re riding a bunch of Italians. Go Figure!

Lastly, if you’re making your way to Goa on the 24th and 25th for IBW-2017 unlike me who is blocked to the neck with my calendar trying to kill me, please carry a good set of Earplugs and a Hydration pack, you’ll need them. It keeps getting louder with every passing year. (That’s not all a bad thing though!)

You can find Tickets to India Bike Week at – https://www.indiabikeweek.in/

Ride safe!

  • Sigmund Q

All Picture Courtesy – IBW, Deepak Kamath, Vir Nakai and Harsh Man Rai

Written by Sigmund Q

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