Live Sound Engineer | Adventure Motorcyclist | Blogger(?) | Video by Night |

Hi, I am Sigmund Quadros, a Live Sound Engineer for most parts and an Adventure Motorcyclist for the other because doing just one thing all your life can be extremely boring.

That said, given my morbid curiosity and an absolute disregard for any down time, I have found myself juggling between being a #SoundGuyForLife, a Travel Video Producer, a Location Sound Nerd and now finally after a lot of procrastination, a Blogger? 

The role of a Touring Live Sound Engineer has helped me master the art of sleeping in cabs and flights as I travel far and wide engineering concerts, music festivals and sometimes educating impressionable young audio aspirants. Location Sound is another small part of my Audio endeavours.

My idea of Travel also involves Adventure Motorcycling and Producing Travel Videos, where I try to make sense of willingly riding in the dirt and traveling on a motorcycle given how inherently stupid and almost dangerous it is. is my space to write and talk about things that are really close to me.

I’d like to leave you with this while I try to fulfil these roles. I’d love for You to keep coming back here every now and then, as I intend to update it very often; the Blog and the About Me – because doing just one thing all your life can get extremely boring…